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Bay area photographer, Scott Chenis is creating a photo essay featuring the wind farms of California. Mr. Chrenis has been working on this project for the past four years and has found a great source of inspiration in the wind turbines of California.

“Wind power is plentiful, renewable and sustainable,” said Scott Chernis. “Wind turbines are both beautiful and interesting to photograph.”

He has worked with 3 Degrees, Inc., a Bay Area company that helps organizations buy, sell and market environmental commodities such as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and verified carbon offsets.

We are really looking forward to the release of Scott’s photo essay. Perhaps when more people see how beautiful and majestic these wind turbines are, then the resistance to developing more winds farms will be lessened.

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It seems that even the wind turbine industry isn’t immune to the recession. What started off with great promise has now slowed to a crawl. A capacity bubble in the wind turbine industry combined with lower natural gas prices has all contributed to stalled growth.

Things are predicted to get worse for the wind turbine industry before they get better. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Various cost control measures, which include leaner supply chains and advancements in the automated manufacturing, may eventually provide a needed boost.

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As great a concept for green energy as wind turbines are, they don’t appear to be benefiting the value of homes located near them.

“Wind Turbines are having a serious effect on house values in Grey County and would do the same in Huron County. This from Grey County realtor Mike McMurray at the Community Forum on Wind Development in Goderich held on Monday.

McMurray tells Bayshore Broadcasting News it’s hard to put a value on house depreciation but says it can bring down a home’s value by 25 to 40 per cent. He says the depreciation stays at 25 to 40 per cent as far as two miles away from the house.

McMurray adds if a home is in an area where people are looking for recreational or desirable residential property the house may not have any market value.”

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